Pretty Prezis


Which one of us haven’t fall asleep in class while listening to a boring teacher reading notes from a PowerPoint ? I did! PowerPoints are certainly useful to present new materials, but they are common and they always come back to the same pattern: slide, slide, next slide, etc.

There are many tools that allow us, teachers (future teachers), to do presentation and that will certainly get our students’ attention. One of the tools I found the most interesting is Prezi. It is an on-line tool, it is simple, and it is possible to sign up for the basic version for free with any device (computer, portable, iPads etc.)!Prezi is a fun tool because it is interactive. When you create a Prezi you have to choose a background that will best reflect your ideas or begin with a blank Prezi. You can add frames, arrows, and themes to connect your ideas. During the presentation, just click the area you what to present and it will zoom in. To make it more interesting you can put links, videos, and pictures as well as pdf’s and even music !

One of the main advantage of Prezi over Microsoft PowerPoint is that Prezi is non-linear; I mean here that there are many ways to get from point A to point B.


I will certainly use it in my classrooms to present new content and activities. Nice images, templates and colors will certainly be a support for keeping students’ attention. It is also possible to share Prezi presentations, which is an advantage of the tool; it will allow students to access the presentations of the previous classes from home for example. KunkleRobb talks about his experience with Prezi in a high school classroom. He says that ” Prezi seems more like a video show which is great for high school students with incredibly limited attentions spans.” This is what teachers should aim for: catching and keeping students’ attention.

I will also recommend it to my students for their oral presentations because it is simple and fun to use. They will feel that their presentation is more interesting because of the interactive background and hopefully they will be more confident. Some students will probably prefer PowerPoint because it is more structure, but some others will prefer the creative, non-linear path offered by Prezi as Michelle Leibel, a student supporting Prezi, suggests.

Take a look at this amazing Prezi presentation if you want to be convinced!


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