I looked on Internet for more tools that could be great for me to have in my toolbox as a future teacher. I found out a very interesting website for video editing; WeVideo. This site caught my attention because it is a tool I would have appreciated to know about when I was in high school. In secondary 2, the teacher had us doing all sorts of videos in teams of 2 to 4 students. We had to write scenarios, film the scenes, edit it and present the final product to the class. I particularly liked to do the videos and present them because it was less nerve racking than doing oral presentation. However, the editing part was very challenging because most of us did not have a video editing tool on their computer (most of the time I had to do it because my dad had a very complicated software to transfer videos from VHS into DVDs). It would have been nice to know about WeVideo at this time, because it is easy to use and the Internet version can be used from any electronic device. There is even an application for Smartphones !

On the WeVideo webpage for schools, it is promoted that having students to do videos encourages collaboration among the students, creativity and storytelling. When students are working on a video they have become producers of knowledge; they explore the subject in depth and go beyond textbooks to produce something good and entertaining to present. Creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration are all skills that are involved in the creation of a video.


WeVideo is pretty simple to use. I did a little bit of exploration with the tool and I discovered that it is easy to film the scenes, download them into your WeVideo account, drag and drop them into the timeline. Then, you have your video ! It is also possible to build a storyboard from images, add music or sounds and share your projects with Google Drive, Facebook or Youtube. Enjoy 3 editing modes: Timeline, storyboard or advanced timeline. With any mode it is possible to add themes to your videos, bubbles and texts. Students can be up to 5 working on the same project from different computers. For more features and tutorials, the company has a Youtube channel to help you (and your students) in your projects.

–> WeVideo Overview

It is possible to access WeVideo for free on the Internet, but it is also possible to get an advanced version for a minimum of 3$ per months. There are other version that allow teachers to create an account for a whole class, it is possible to subscribe for a year and all students will have access to a WeVideo account.

Try it ! 


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