I Wix !

wix idea

In the context of a course at University, I have been asked to build a WebQuest which implies to build a website from scratch (To see what a WebQuest looks like, click here ). As the “technologically-retarded” person that I am, I spent a quite important amount of time trying to figure out how to create a web page. I finally found a very handy tool on the Internet. It is called Wix; it is a website, to create website ! Not bad isn’t it ?

Even better is the fact that Wix is really easy to use. First, create a free account on the Wix site. You can also log in via your Facebook or Gmail account. Once you signed up you can access your account from any technological device because the platform is cloud-based meaning that you don’t save you project on a computer hard drive, but rather on the Internet itself.


So, now that you are logged in there are several things you can do before creating your own website: you can explore some websites made on Wix or you can take a look at the different features that could help you starting your own web page. Among those features, there is a support center available 24/7, and hundreds of free templates to help you start your project. It is also interesting to note that Wix has a learning center with tutorials and step-by-step demos.

When you are ready to begin the creation of you website you will see that there are many things you can add to your page. For example, it is possible to integrate videos, music songs, documents, links to social site or applications such as Facebook or Google Maps. Wix can also be used for blogs.

wix-1gnhsl5 - copie

I am using Wix to create a WebQuest, however, you can use it in many different ways if you are a teacher (or a future teacher). Have your students create a webpage or a blog about their passion or their favorite hobby and evaluate their writing skills at the same time.

Take a look at my finished work with Wix !!


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