Organize your day logically with Schoology


During my practicum, my cooperating teacher kept telling me that preparation is the key to successful teaching and to avoid loss of time in the classroom. I learned my self that being prepared also make you more comfortable with what you have to do, when, in what order and so on. But when a teacher has 4 classes of two different levels to take care of, how can he/she manage all the work that it implies ? For sure, having an agenda is a starting point. Folders are another way to keep all the papers, activities and other stuff organized. However, if I tell you that you can do all this and even more with Schoology do you believe me ? Well you should ! Because this online platform will allow you to do everything in one place… and also because it has been rewarded by the American Association of School Liberians. Posting assignments, maintaining calendar, recording grades, and communicating by e-mail with the students is a fast eye-in to some of the basic feature of the tool… Schoology is thought to be “the most robust course management and active, personalized learning that both educators and students care about on the devices they want to use”.

I can already imagine myself working with Schoology in with my classes.The basic features of this tool are very interesting. It would allow me to keep all my stuff in the same place and all organized into folders without the “paper” part. One online folder for each class. Done with messy teacher’s desks !

Another thing that I would do with Schoology to facilitate my task as a teacher would be to create custom pages for each group and for each activity. This is actually a very good idea because this way, students can find everything they need on their group page (Links, homework, activities, grades, calendar, etc). Nowadays, students are always connected to a technological device, therefore having a page on the Internet with everything they need is perhaps THE way to make sure they have everything they need at their fingertips. (It is interesting to note that Schoology is also available as an application for Windows tablets and iPads). Schoology can be used with Google Docs and Turnitin. It is also possible to access the Schoology App Center for the most effective educational applications available.With the discussion boards integrated in the platform, students could interact with each other in a controlled environment, ask each other questions about homework, projects, exams, and ask me for clarifications and further explanations.

There are several learning management system (LMS) available on the Internet for teachers, however, I will give you one  more reason to choose Schoology before anyother platform: IT’S FREE ! Great isn’t it ?



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